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The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images, website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.
ChemtrailsAreDemonic.orgPart 1 Chemtrails are Demonic

If you have difficulty understanding the information on these pages, or if they make you angry or upset, it is possible that you have demons who are trying to block or interfere and keep you from the truth. Ask for God to help you understand, and ask for him to remove and silence anything that may keep you from the truth.

December 25 urgent prayer request:

Please consider praying the prayer below daily. If you have Christian friends, please pray all in one accord at the same time. Remember, there is a multiplication factor of power when you pray with more people in unity. Please share with as many Christians as possible.

Father, in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command every evil spirit in the pineal gland, heart, and eyes of every entity in all of creation to go directly to the lake of fire now in Jesus' mighty name. Please permanently burn out their Third Eye. Please free the minds of your people from evil and pour out your Spirit on all the earth. I thank you and praise you and give you all the praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray, all according to your perfect will. Amen.

Latest Update:

Thus saith the Lord: The era of Pan is coming to an end. Prepare for the arrival of the King.
A heartfelt thanks and much appreciation to every member of the body of Christ who has been faithfully praying warfare prayers amidst great tribulation. This update is a call to action to everyone who has been praying against the demonic chemtrails to re-double your efforts and dedicate time daily to pray against the enemy using live satellite images. This is powerful, effective, and easy to do from the comfort of your home. The same way that you pray against the chemtrails in real life, you can pray against them in the satellite images below. Will you dedicate some time each day to do so? Can you spend 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes, perhaps morning and evening, or multiple times throughout the day, to pray the satellite images below? Your efforts will greatly help your brothers and sisters in Christ who are under Satanic oppression.

Major spiritual battles are being waged and victories are being won, but now is not the time to slow down. You may think to yourself, things are getting better, so I will let someone else take over, I need to rest. Consider Revelation 22:12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. When Christ returns, will he find you watching? His command to us is: Luke 19:13 Occupy till I come. Will you have a reward? Will you wear a crown? Will Christ tell you, well done, good and faithful servant? You may be the only person in your area that God has called to pray against the enemy. If you dedicate your life to this fight day and night, surely, you will have a great reward in heaven, because God's Word is true. Even still, it is a good idea to not focus on rewards, but to labor for the love of our fellow man and Christ.

Luke 12:37 Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them.



How to test for demons, and how to get free.
The Lord is so good to us. Satan has hidden the knowledge of his presence, but once you know he is there, you can be free in a relatively short amount of time. It may take longer if you have more demons, but with the Lord it is possible if you have a repentant heart and the right attitude.

Checking for demons.
The first thing that you need to do is find a quiet, private place with no distractions, music, or other interference. Then, get very still. You want to listen to the thoughts that arise in your sub-conscious mind, which is where the demons live. The following checks will reveal their presence if you have any. You can do this by yourself, or you can have a trusted Christian friend or relative do the checks. You can do this on your own. If another person helps you, have them do the following checks while you are still and see what comes to mind. If the voice you hear is contrary, spiteful, or vulgar towards the things of God, they have shown their hand and given themselves away. Then move on to the removal step.

Demon Check 1 - Sing
Sing "Oh the Blood of Jesus." If you do not know how it goes, look it up. Sing this song several times through. This song should greatly upset any evil entities living in you. Did you hear them in your mind? If you heard them, then they would say something like "shut up," "stop that," "stop singing that stupid song." They cannot stand to hear about the blood of Jesus. You will likely hear foul language as well. This is a sure sign that you have demons. Do not feel bad, most people do.

Oh, the blood of Jesus. Oh, the blood of Jesus. Oh the blood of Jesus makes [your name] as white as snow.

Demon Check 2 - Praise God
Start praising the Lord. Praise him over and over for different things. Be sincere. If you have demons, this will likely get a negative response in your mind.

Demon Check 3 - Read the Bible Out Loud
Start reading the Bible out loud. If you hear negative responses in your mind, such as, "You don't believe that," or, "That's stupid," or something similar, then you have definitely have demons.

Demon Check 4 - Do a physical scan and a mental scan. Demons create a variety of bodily aches and pains. If you have something specific, you can address the entity (Step 4 below) by the name of its function. For example, "entities giving me a headache, what is your name?"

Demon Removal
Step 1 - Pray a quick salvation prayer. Even if you believe that you have been born again, it never hurts to pray this prayer. "Lord Jesus Christ, if I have never invited you into my heart before, I am doing so now. Please forgive my sins and save my soul, in Jesus' name."

Step 2 - Repent. Make sure that you have repented for obvious sins things that you know are wrong.

Step 3 - Submit yourself to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you someone is helping you, then both individuals should do this. Then ask the Holy Spirit to help you put pressure on any evil entities inside.

Step 4 - Speak to the demon out loud. If you are alone, speak out loud, or if you have a prayer partner, have them speak to the demon. The key is, when the demon speaks in your mind, vocalize out loud to the other person what you hear in your head, even if it is offensive (it usually will be). Every time that the demon speaks, you will speak out loud what you hear. You will basically be having a dialouge with the voice that you hear in your head. Then ask the demon a series of questions, or have your prayer partner do this intterogation process:

Ask, "What is your name?" They rarely tell their name, because it gives you leverage over them. You can move on. Ask them "How did you get in?" "How long have you been there?" "What have you been doing to this person?" "What have you been telling them?" "Do you have any legal right to be there?"

Sometimes you may get to the answer quickly, other times they will evade you. The main thing that you want to make sure that you have done is to find out if there is some sin that you need to repent for before the demon can leave. If there is, repent, then return to the dialogue. If you get no answer, proceed to the prayer below:

Demon Removal Prayer
When you are ready to remove the demon, tell it: "In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to go directly to the lake of fire, according to the Lord's will." They may put up a fight, but they do not have a choice in the matter. They are counting on you wavering and not knowing that they have no choice but to obey. Then follow up with: "Holy Spirit, thank you for sending this entity away. Please send every evil spirit inside of me now to the Lake of Fire, or wherever you would have them to go, according to your will. Amen."

This may result in burps, yawns, and gas, and trips to the bathroom. Continue this checkup every day until you no longer hear any negative feedback to the demon checks above. Periodically check up and make sure you have not picked up any new entities. You can do this for your children, family, and friends to help them get free. The Lord has made the husband the head of the family, so if possible, the father should pray for his wife and children, though even children can command the demons out and in the authority of Jesus they will leave.

As a follow up, pray: "I loose spirits of judgment, burning, destruction, blindness, deafness, dumbness, civil war, and fragmentation on every evil spirit power inside. Lord, in the same way that Daniel killed the serpent, I ask that your angels would go inside and do the same thing to every serpent in my body. I loose your giant sperm whales to attack every spirit of witchcraft and all occult spirits in Jesus name. Please pull every evil thing out of me from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head and everything in between. Please pull them out of my mouth and other gates. " I praise you and thank you for your help Lord. Amen.

You will be amazed at the results of these prayers.


Who really did 9/11?
Satanic, demonic, witchcraft did 911. That includes Satan, the fallen angels, and the people on earth who serve him, including the occult world, witches, warlocks, and Satanists, and everyone on earth who is not following God (Satan is the spirit that works in all of the children of disobedience, Eph 2:2). Satan was trying to gain control over the entire world and return to Atlantis in his New Order.


a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

a. The Old Order. The Moon symbolizes Satan. The Sun symbolizes God.
b. Satan’s plan is to rule the everything. He is not content to have only his dark kingdom, he wants it all. To do so he must destroy the Old Order. In order to do this, he must lie and deceive those who will not willingly serve him.
c. Can you see the head of the serpent in the arrow? This logo was designed by the “Pentagram” design company. It shows the serpent blowing up the old order of good and evil.
d. The planes that hit the towers looked real. So do the chemtrail planes. The witchcraft occult world worked with Satan to accomplish 911.
e. Demonic Chemtrails look like planes, but are really not planes at all. Rare footage of 911 shows that these demonic, witchcraft, orbs were present when the planes hit the towers.
f. Satan and the 33 did 911. The occult world knows what happened. 911 was his great work, his attempt at recovering Atlantis, the demonic world he ruled over before God destroyed it with the flood.
g. The New Order. The Freedom Tower of Satan's New Order is a giant Phallus with a Minaret on top. Satan is pointing his rod at God in defiance.

911 was Satan’s announcement of the arrival of his New World Order and takeover of humanity through the Antichrist Spirit.
The chemtrails are the Antichrist Spirit which gave Satan power for a time.
The Freedom Tower is symbolic of Satan's attempted takeover of humanity through the Satanic infiltration of evil spirits in all of the people of the earth by means of the chemtrails and Antichrist Spirit.
The Freedom Tower does not represent freedom for mankind, it represents the Satanic slavery of humanity.
The Freedom Tower represents freedom for the fallen angels who use humans as their hosts (think "Avatar") since they cannot live in our world in their fallen bodies.
The Freedom Tower is an occult building with occult architecture.
In Satan’s New World Order, he was supposed to control everything. God intervened.

Isaiah 29:15 Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us? 16 Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay.




The coldest cloud regions above the earth are the home of the fallen angels. They are frozen.
After years of battling, the Lord has made it clear that the coldest regions of the clouds overhead are, in truth, the spiritual headquarters of the demonic fallen entities. These frozen regions and the evil spirits that inhabit them are also the power base of the witchcraft in this world. The occult world gets its power from these entities to make war with Christ’s body on earth. The colored regions in these satellite images represent demonic strongholds. The coldest cloud regions contain the highest concentration of evil spirits. It is now clear exactly where to pray before the evil arrives in our nations. The great darkness that covers the world is overhead. The fallen angels, the 13, the 33, the witchcraft, it is all above us in the second heaven. This is why when the sun is completely covered by this darkness people feel so much worse than when the sun is shining and unfettered by this evil.

Band 13 satellite images.
Focus your prayers on the satellite “band 13” 10.3 μm wavelength. What is unique about the 10.3 μm images? They provide information about the temperature of the clouds in the atmosphere. This helps us to know where to direct our prayers. It is satisfying to know that God has revealed the rebellious source of evil in "band 13." For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23). 13 is the number of witches in a coven. 13 is the number for rebellion. 10.3μm also happens to be the wavelength that reveals their habitation.

Satanic witchcraft power is cold. Witchcraft is frozen.
Antichrist, witchcraft, crows, magic = frozen. Satan and the occult world would like you to “let it go” so that they can gain complete control over you, your family, nation, and the world. The 33, the 13, are the rebellious fallen angels that were cast out of heaven. They are frozen. Cold is the result of witchcraft. These fallen entities are responsible for much of the evil in this world. This is the heart of the Satanic, demonic, witchcraft. The coldest clouds are the power base of the spiritual evil in this world. If you hit the nest, the hive, the headquarters of the enemy, then real progress will be made. Now is the time to pull them down through God’s mighty power. To God be the glory.


Satellite images can be used to our advantage to pray against these fallen entities before they arrive in our land. God has given us the power to pull this evil down. He has empowered the body of Christ to do so through the keys of the kingdom. Watch the satellite images daily and pray against the evil before it arrives. Pray against it while it is out in the ocean, before it can hurt you. Preemptive attacks will also keep the hum away. 1 Corinthians 6:3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? It is up to us to use the mighty weapons that God has given to defeat the enemy. With Christ at the head, the church and the body of Christ will overcome the body of Satan and the fallen angels. Are you prepared for the day of the Lord?


How to pray using band 13 satellite images.
Direct your warfare prayers at the demonic witchcraft strongholds in the coldest regions of the sky first. Spend your time attacking the areas that will do the most damage to the enemy. Pray daily, sustained, warfare prayers over the live satellite band 13 images for victory. Look for the coldest colored cloud regions and pray BBB, BBB, BBB, Bind, and RCC-SWA-A over each grid square. Pray daily, if possible, morning and night, and even more frequently if time allows. Pray focusing on the coldest areas first.
It is helpful to place a grid over the satellite images in order to subdivide the large regions into smaller regions. This ensures that there is enough prayer to cover the surface area. Remember that these satellite images cover huge regions of the earth. From the ground, we would pray many times against the chemtrails, but sometimes from the satellite, it is easy to forget that. Defeat of these entities requires enough angelic power to attack and prevail over the demonic powers.
Why are the colors different in some "band 13" images? The colors chosen for visualization of the cloud temperature may vary depending on the satellite and data source. For example, the Cira Slider application uses different colors than some of their other images. Remember to look for the colors that represent the coldest cloud regions first and focus your prayers in those regions.

Click here to Pray the Live Views of Band 13.



 Live Band 13 images. Where are the Satanic, witchcraft powers today?
Look for the coldest regions of the upper atmosphere and Attack, Attack, Attack!

Band 13 Live Continental US - Loop Band 13 Live Pacific US - Loop Band 13 Live Pacific US Close - Loop
Band 13 Live Hawaii - Loop Band 13 Live Indonesia - Loop Band 13 Live Australia - Loop

Hurricanes and typhoons are the work of serpent. Do you see the serpent spiral? Band 13 gives him away. If Christians would pray diligently when the hurricanes first begin to form using the prayer strategies on these pages, they would not gain the strength to do major damage. Hurricanes are driven by the fallen satanic, demonic, witchcraft powers of our world.

Dreams and visions from the Lord
Vision: A very important vision of many crows forming the numbers 666.

Interpretation: Crows are frequently seen accompanying the demonic chemtrails, clouds, and hum, and they also accompany witchcraft activity. In the event of Noah and the ark, Noah released a raven (crow) and it did not return (Gen 8:7). Then, he released a dove, and it was faithful to return. The crow is a type of Satan, or Antichrist, representing disobedience, and the dove is a type of Christ, or Holy Spirit, representing obedience. In the Gospels, the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus as a dove. The crow is the type of the opposite spirit, the Antichrist spirit.

Based on this vision and all the events that have transpired since this website was launched, it appears very likely that the chemtrail phenomenon and the resulting demonic clouds and hum are the Antichrist spirit which has been released on the earth. 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 "For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming."

Many people think that the Antichrist will be a man. The truth is the Antichrist has worked in many men throughout the ages who did not follow the Lord (Eph 2:2). The Antichrist is a spirit, just as the Holy Spirit is a spirit. It appears that the restrainer has been taken out of the way, and the Antichrist spirit has been released in full.

As Christians pray against the demonic chemtrails, clouds, and hum, the Lord is consuming the Antichrist with the spirit of his mouth. As you pray against these things, the Lord is destroying the Antichrist spirit. This is why it is so important to continue praying spiritual warfare prayers until the final victory is won. 1 Corinthians 6:3 "Know ye not that we shall judge angels?" Jude 1:6 "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day." As you pray against the demons, you are fulfilling scripture, calling down the judgment of God upon the Antichrist and fallen angels which have been released from the pit.  Are you prepared for the day of the Lord?

The greatest occult secret is sodomy and ritual abuse. It is the Satanic, occult, witchcraft power source. Sodomy is the Mark of the Beast.

The greatest occult secret is sodomy and ritual abuse. It is also the primary occult power source. It is how Satan gains control over an individual through the installation of demonic spirits. Sodomy is the spiritual birth into Satan's kingdom, Satan's version of being born again. It is Satan's main weapon against the body of Christ. This is why Satan would like to make it a hate crime to speak negatively of sodomy. If he can successfully give sodomy a protected status, then his evil can spread unchallenged.
The modern power symbol is an example of how the Satanic powers and the occult world mock and flaunt their control in front of a clueless generation. It is hidden in plain sight. Every time you press a power butt-on, you are engaging in an occult ritual. This is the subtlety of the serpent, who is quietly programming humanity to be acclimated and eventually accept his way of thinking. He knows that this will bring humanity under God's judgment, and this is his goal. Satan and the occult world are mocking the ignorant, uninitiated world. Do you see how wicked Satan's witchcraft truly is?

Luke 17:26 And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.
Why did God destroy the city of Sodom and the old world? Because the demonically driven practice of sodomy filled the people throughout the entire city and land with Satanic spirits of Antichrist. In turn, the people were dominated and controlled by Satan and the world was filled with the worst evil and corruption. This is quickly becoming the predominant feature of our modern culture as well.

Satan's strategy for world domination and control.
Satan's goal is to control the world and everyone in it. He knows that many people of the earth will never willingly serve him, so he resorts to subterfuge and force. His way of achieving this control is through demonic power, witchcraft, magic, sodomy, ritual abuse, and mind control. Mind control is achieved through the installation of demonic spirits in the victims. These rituals have been performed throughout the ages. Dating back to Nimrod, sodomy is how witches, warlocks, satanists and the occult world have gained demonic power and control. This is why God forbids it. Sodomy and ritual abuse infects victims with evil demonic spirits against their will. This evil in turn attacks all that is good in this world.

This is why it is so important to understand Satan's plan and strategy, and why we must stand up against the spread of this evil before he strips the world of free speech and religious liberty. Satan would like to outlaw the Bible, but if he cannot do that, he would like to muzzle Christians from being able to speak about the aspects that hurt his chances at control. God can see far better than man the tremendous evil effects in the spiritual realm that will bring down an entire nation. Once sodomy becomes rampant, it feeds evil demonic power, and the spiritual state of the world becomes darkened. This is the great darkness that you see over the world in the form of the demonic chemtrails, which are, in fact, the Antichrist spirit. Sodomy is witchcraft power, it is Antichrist.
Satan is a master of false advertising.
Satan likes to call evil good, he is a master at false advertising. When evil is advertised as good, undiscerning people are tricked and fooled into believing a lie. Satan hides his hooks in pretty packages. Satan picks something that no one can contest, like "love," and uses it to cloak evil. "Love wins" is a lie directly from the pit of hell. Sodomy has nothing to do with love. Love has nothing to do with the reproductive act. Sodomy and ritual abuse have everything to do with the demonic spirits of lust, perversion, rebellion, control, and other evil spirits. Sodomy is driven by demonic powers. The spirits that drive sodomy are Antichrist. Satanic power grows with sodomy. The great work of the Freemasons and other occult organizations is this mass of evil which we now see unleashed on the earth in the form of the chemtrails, which are the Antichrist spirit.

Another interesting observation about the image above is the direction of the buttons. When Christ returns, the sheep will be divided from the goats. The wheat will be divided from the chaff. The sheep will be on the right hand of God, the goats on the left, before they are cast into the everlasting fire. (Matthew 25:33). Once you have taken the mark of the beast through sodomy, you go to the left, the goat side, the chaff side. Thankfully, Christ is the kinsman redeemer, and will deliver you from the mark if you have a repentant heart.

The trans-formation of humanity into Satanic sons.

This is what the trans-gender and LGBTQ movement are really all about. This is the great work of Satan, he is alchemically trans-forming humanity with sodomy, the mark of the beast, and magic, to trans-mute and change humanity by filling them with the Antichrist spirit and evil, demonic entities. The movie Avatar tells the story in reverse. The demons are, in fact, controlling many humans from their position in the clouds above and inside those people who have been infected by this evil. When you take the mark of the beast, you go goat.
Why does Satan use sodomy?
When someone is sodomized, Satan gains vast control over that person through the installation of a family of demonic spirits that reside in the victim for the remainder of their lives, usually going undetected. These spirits influence the affected individual's thinking and darken their minds. They suggest ideas and thoughts that the individual thinks are original, when in fact, they are demonically inspired. Sodomy installs a demonic mindset, the reprobate, or reverse phase mind. These wicked spirits drive the victims to make choices that advance Satan's agenda of dominating and controlling this world. In order to do that, he must eliminate his competition, so Christianity becomes his prime target. Through political correctness, Satan achieves two goals, he gives a protected status to the vehicle that spreads his evil spirits (sodomy), and he sidelines Christianity at the same time, which is his only competition. Christianity is the only thing standing in his way of world domination. Sodomy is like a demonic super highway. The victims of these rituals become like robots and are influenced and controlled by demonic powers, though most have no idea what is going on. A Saturday Night Live skit mocks this; though it is the truth in plain sight, and highlights the problem.
Satan's erosion of sodomy laws.
Did you know that Sodomy used to be punishable by death? Over time, Satan has successfully worked throughout history to make it acceptable. In 2003, the US Supreme court struck down the Texas same-sex sodomy law. 2003, which reduces to 23, is the number for death in Bible numerics. Do you see the picture? It is important to understand that Satan does not want to stop with same-sex marriage and a protected status for evil, he wants sodomites to be able to sodomize any child, anywhere, any time. This is the drive and agenda behind the Man Boy Love Association. Satan knows that if he can install his demons in children early, he has them for life. When man decided that he knew better than God by accepting and promoting Sodomy, he closed the door to eternal life and opened the gateway to eternal death.

The great secret occult ritual of child sodomy.
"For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim" -Aleister Crowley

The occult ritual that has been hidden throughout the ages in the mysteries is nauseating and incredibly disturbing. It is important to understand the depth of the evil that is perpetrated in the darkness. If you are sensitive to things of a disturbing nature, please stop reading and skip to the next paragraph. In many rituals, the victim, usually a child age 2-4, is sodomized by the leader of the ritual first. Then the child victim is also sodomized by a group of individuals who are also present at the ritual. Then, a ritual murder of a baby is performed, provided in many cases by breeders. The child victim is then told that they murdered the baby, and that God will never love or accept them because they are now a murder. After the child victim has been ritually sodomized many times by those in attendance at the ritual, the dead baby and the sodomized child victim are then placed together in a coffin. This coffin is then shut and locked for a period of time. When the coffin is finally opened, the child victim emerges, many times nearly dead. This is how they are inducted into the Satanic occult family. You can imagine the horrific and tremendous detrimental effects that this has on the soul of the victim.
The effects of the occult sodomy ritual.
This installs a legion spirit (many demons) in addition to a family of evil spirits that impair the child victim for the rest of their lives. This demonic family often includes demons of stress and fear. Other witchcraft and occult sodomy rituals may vary to some degree. They all have similar effects on the child victim, which affect them for the rest of their lives. Many victims will never come to Christ because of this evil ritual. The goal of these rituals is to offer the child to Satan, and to give the child Satanic powers. This opens them up to the spirit world, which is in reality, filling them with demons. Satanic power is always powered by demons. These individuals may see into the spirit realm to a degree, but it is always limited by what God will allow. They think that they have the advantage over those who do not have such abilities, but they only see the part of the picture that God allows them to see. God is still in control and whatever power these individuals think they have is always limited. Once the demons are removed from the individuals, not surprisingly, the powers go away. God allows a degree of evil because the goal of this life is for him to know what kind of person you are, and if he can trust you in the future. When you engage in these things, you are heaping tremendous judgment upon yourself that will be paid dearly for, for all eternity.
To all those who have or are partaking in such rituals, take heed what the Lord says concerning your activities.

Matthew 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Does that mean that you cannot turn and repent? The Lord will forgive you, if you earnestly confess and turn and never go back to these horrible things. Acts 26:18 To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith.
Satan uses sodomy to keep people from entering God's Kingdom.
Sodomy is the spirit of Antichrist. These rituals usually occur at young ages, between 2 and 4, when the victims are most vulnerable. Many victims are walking around and have no idea that they have been put through these rituals at an age that was too early to remember. When a Christian accepts Christ, they are born again when the Holy Spirit enters their hearts. People who are ritually abused are forced into Satan's kingdom through these rituals against their free will. This is the Satanic equivalent of being born again. Wicked spirits take up residence where God intended the Holy Spirit to be. The victims have a host of demonic entities installed into them, including legion, rage, lust, perversion, and many other evil spirits. Once infected, the victim then frequently in turn goes and seeks out their own victims, because they are driven by these demonic spirits. They are, in a way, programmed to carry out the evil desires of the entities from their abusers, and they get passed on to the next person, and the next person, and the next person. These behaviors are driven by the evil spirits within the victims. Many of the people in the highest positions in our world have these demons installed in them unbeknown to them due to their parents, grandparents, and family involvement in occult groups like the Freemasons. These demons steer the world in the direction that Satan would have them go.

God will heal and deliver.
Have you been affected? Do you have any family or relatives that are Freemasons or part of another cult? If the answer to that question is yes, then it is possible you were inducted into Satan's family and you might not even be aware of it. If you cannot accept Christ, or have difficulty feeling close to the Lord, then it is likely that you may need help in this area. God is good and he will help you. Earnestly pray daily and ask the Lord to remove the sodomy legion and all associated evil spirits from past abuse and fill you with the Holy Spirit. God is good, you do not need a special person or pastor to remove these things, only a repentant heart and God’s power. If you continue to seek His help in prayer, you will get the help you need.

Read more about Sodomy Programming Link, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link 5

What is IHS?

IHS - In his (Satan’s) service through sodomy.
Demonic entities enter through sodomy and gain control (like Avatar).
The IHS logo is not a sun, it is an anus. The black hole sun.
Sodomy is how Satan gains control over the world through the installation of demonic spirits into people.

2 Corinthians 6:17-18 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

Pray to burn out the Third Eye of all evil entities when you are in crowds.

One of the most important prayers that you can pray when you are out of your house and around other people is to ask the Lord to burn out the 3rd eye of any evil entities present in the area.

If you are in a group of people filled with tattoos, piercings, or anything that looks evil, it is time to pray. You can never pray this prayer too much.

If you walk into a group of people and you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, stressed, claustrophobic, or unwell, the reason is that your spirit man is under attack in the spirit realm by evil spirits, and by the spirits of those who are not truly born again with the Holy Spirit living inside. If any of these people have been in Satan's kingdom and have done things like yoga, occult practices, or other things that alter their spiritual state for evil, then they their spirit man will automatically be against anyone who is Christian. If you are born again and walk into a room of people in Satan's kingdom, you are a threat to them.

There is something going on in the spirit realm when a Christian walks into a sea of unsaved people. The mass of unsaved souls rises up against the Christian because they are a threat to them. This is why you may feel pressure when you go out on a busy freeway, in crowds, or shopping at a busy location. As the spiritual state of the people in the world is rapidly declining, Satan's power to hurt Christians grows. They are attacking you daily, and this is why Christians are getting sick and sidelined, especially when the go to foreign lands for missionary trips where they are surrounded by the enemy. This is also why Christians are hated so much in countries that are predominantly Islamic, the souls of those people are in Satan's kingdom, and they violently oppose Christians. However, in many cases the people walking around have no idea that their spirit is coming against your spirit. Despite this, they can do harm to you, which is why it is important to pray this prayer.

If you would pray to the Father and ask him to burn out the 3rd eye of every evil entity in your environment, then you would feel much better rapidly. If you are driving, moving around, or new people come into your area, it is a good idea to pray this prayer frequently, because there are new evil spirits that have not received that prayer.

This is a very important prayer for when you are traveling, in airports, on planes, trains, buses, and anywhere where you have no escape route for a long period of time. When you go to church, it is a good idea to pray this prayer as you first enter, and as more people arrive. Even though you would expect Church to be a place of protection, in reality, not everyone at Church wants to be there, not everyone there is Christian, and some are there from Satan to carry out assignements against the church, and most people are completely clueless that all of this is going on in the spirit realm.

This simple prayer will make a huge difference if you are experiencing any sort of physical, mental, or spiritual pressure.

"Father, please burn out every third eye of every evil entity in my environment here in Jesus' name. Please place a shield of protection around my star. Thank you Lord, Amen." The shorthand for this prayer could be "Third Eye."

What is a Gluten Free?

There is a meaning to everything in life. Nothing is an accident. Times, colors, numbers, everything has meaning. God has designed the universe in such a way that evil cannot cloak itself beyond a certain point. If you have discernement, you can see the truth. God wants you to choose wisely in every decision you make in life. The Gluten Free logo is an example of the truth in plain sight. Ask God to help you see the truth. At the end of time, God will separate the wheat from the chaff. Satan would like you to be chaff, not wheat. He would like you to be gluten free. While dietary choices have no bearing on our salvation, this is another way that Satan can put his mark on the food that is bought and sold.

Did you ever wonder why witches stand in a circle to cast their spells? They believe it is for protection, but truly they are affirming the sodomy ritual. The circle represents the anus.



What is a Mason?
A Mason is a son of Satan, a Satanic son. An "SS." A "MA Son". A "113 son". A "son of the 33". A "son of the fallen".
M=13. A = 1. 113. 11*3 = 33. 33 = 1/3. One third of the fallen angels fell with Satan down to earth.
When you become a Mason, you are wittingly, or unwittingly, inducted into Satan's kingdom and become a child, an instrument, of Satan.

M is for Satan.
M = 13th letter of the Alphabet. 13 is the number of witches in a coven. 13 is the number for rebellion. M is the letter Masons wear on their apron. 1/3= 33. 33 is the percentage of angels that rebelled against God and were cast down to earth with Satan. 33 = Sodomy. 33 was the age of Jesus when he was crucified and rose again.

W is also for Satan.
M = W upside down.

V = Serpent tongue.
IVI = The serpent in the DNA of mankind, between the two strands.

IVI = M = W
V = X, both are Satanic signs.
IXI = the kabbalah tree of life.

Understanding God's time codes.

It is important to understand that nothing in creation happens by accident. There is a divine authentication as good and evil unfolds in the universe. If you learn the ways that God communicates, through numbers, signs, symbols, colors and other means, you will be able to more clearly discern good from evil, and also realize that God is good and does warn us when evil attacks.

Witchcraft and Satanic attacks frequently occur at specific times.
Are you suffering from mental and physical ailments as a Christian? It is likely that you have been the recipient of Satanic, witchcraft attacks. God does not want his people to be ignorant of these devices of Satan.

When you daily submit yourself to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and ask the Holy Spirit to take control as much as possible over your body, soul, spirit, mind, will, and emotions, something amazing happens. The Holy Spirit will help you in ways you never imagined before. The key is understanding what is going on when He does this. If the Holy Spirit is inside, He wants to warn you of danger, especially witchcraft and satanic attacks. If you are Christian, these are occurring much more frequently than you probably realize.

The witchcraft powers have certain times that they operate. They do not want you to know this. Usually, their windows of attack involve combinations of 1 and 3. If the Holy Spirit draws your attention to something with these numbers, He is likely trying to warn you that you and your family are under a witchcraft attack, or about to be attacked.

Evil Time Codes.
1:03, 1:13, 1:33, 3:03, 3:11, 3:13, 3:33, 9:11, 10:03, 10:13, 10:33, 11:03, 11:13, 11:33, am or pm time.

If you are observant you may notice a pattern, that bodily and mental ailments often occur in these time windows, in addition to arguments and strife among family and friends. Witchcraft is usually accompanied by bodily pain, and emotions and feelings, such as a sudden onset feeling of irritation, frustration, fear, the feeling of being overwhelmed, lust, anger, and negative emotions. If the Holy Spirit draws you to look at the time, and it is some combination of 1 and 3, 11:30, 10:03, 1:03, 11:33, 3:11, for example, these are the time markers of witchcraft.

What should you do when this happens? When the Holy Spirit draws you to look at a time or number and it fits this criteria, pray. Be on guard. The safest thing to do is to pray to break all hexes, vexes, spells, curses, rituals, and witchcraft sent against you, and return them to the senders 7 times 70 fold and bind it to them with the blood of Jesus Christ for God to do with as He will. This should discourage those responsible from attacking you again quickly, but it does not mean that Satan will not send another witchcraft agent to attack you, especially if you are hurting his kingdom through warfare prayers. God also may be using you to show these wicked people that his power is greater. Be patient and trust that through your suffering, their souls may be saved from the fire once they learn that God's power is magnitudes greater than Satanic witchcraft powers. Especially when they encounter a Christian who knows about spiritual warfare and how to defend against their attacks. Their greatest asset is your ignorance about these things. Their failed attack on you may be the thing that brings them to salvation.

Pray for help and removal of witchcraft spirits.
The next thing to do is to pray for the Lord to remove all the effects and witchcraft entities from your body. The Holy Spirit is good to us and will act in near real time in most cases on such prayer requests. Ask him to pull out every evil thing that was sent to you and your family and environment form the bottom of your feet to the top of your head and everything in-between. Pray RCC-SWA-A over yourself and family. Loose God's giant sperm whales to attack every spirit of witchcraft and all occult spirits. Loose spirits of judgment, burning, destruction, blindness, deafness, dumbness, confusion, civil war, and fragmentation on every evil spirit power that has come into your body. Ask God to send every evil spirit in you and your family and home to the lake of fire according to His will.

The results of prayer.
What happens next? If witchcraft was indeed sent to you, and you prayed the prayers above, you will likely start to burp, yawn, and possibly even pass gass. Why? Because Satan is the prince of the power of the air. His witchcraft spirits exist in the air. Witches use the powers of the air to send evil to you. Depending on the amount of witchcraft spirits summoned and sent, you may yawn and burp many times. These are the evil spirits leaving your body. They exist in the air.

Good time codes.
Good time codes appear in the form of 3:16 in many cases. This has been learned through experience. If God draws you to the time and it is 3:16, then rejoice, you are in his will and He is sending you a message, a confirmation, well done, keep going, I am here with you. Rejoice in these messages. Also, God will sometimes show you something like 1:36, or 6:13. These can also be taken as good signs from the Lord, even though they are not in the 3:16 order. The most exciting confirmation is always 3:16, when the Lord draws your eyes to this on a truck on the highway, or on your computer, or the timer on your microwave. Wherever it is, God can and does use time codes to try to get your attention. He wants to either warn you about evil, or give you a confirmation and reassurance of his approval and his presence. Remember, just because you see 3:16 does not mean that everything will be easy. Sometimes God wants you to go through challenging things, and will show you the time to confirm that despite whatever challenges lie ahead, you are in his will.

If you have been given the spiritual gift of the discernment of spirits, then you may see a vision or have some indication in your body that something is wrong. If you have a vision that something is attacking your eye, for example, God is telling you that you are under spiritual attack. Sometimes these attacks feel like stings, or darts, on your skin. This is another way God is warning you about Satanic attacks. These come from witchcraft powers.

Witchcraft is always cold.
If you have a sudden chilling sensation of cold, witchcraft is likely being sent your way. If you wake up with the sound of a helicopter hovering over your house, know that the occult world is sending you witchcraft. The effects of this witchcraft may leave your body shivering and cold. Do not be afraid, use the prayer strategies on these pages to attack them with God's mighty power. God does not want his people to be afraid, he wants us to attack the evil in this world and stand in his power. If you do anything worthwhile for the Lord, you will come under these sorts of witchcraft attacks. If you are living an easy life as a Christian, you are probably not doing anything to upset the enemy.

The KJV Bible is the only Bible that is settled in heaven.

The Lord has emphasized that the KJV Bible is the only translation that can be trusted as God's word. Only the KJV Bible will bless you the way God intended and keep you from deception. The major problem with other versions is rooted in the Vaticanus texts. Vatic-anus, or Vatic (Prophet) - anus, or Prophet of the anus, should tell you where the Vaticanus text came from. It came from the Satanic powers that are installed from the practice of sodomy. Satan and the fallen angels, through the agency of the false anal prophet, want to corrupt God's word for takeover of the world and destruction of humanity, and this plan has been in place since the fall of man.

The KJV (not NKJV) is the only Bible that is settled in Heaven, purified seven times. If you want to be in tune with the Lord, you need to be using this Bible. Through deliverance sessions, the demons have admitted that they are working on corrupting God's word. This is why the KJV has received so much attack in recent years. Satan wants you to have a version of God's word that is not settled in Heaven, and therefore, have no power. Your Bible needs to line up with the Word of God in heaven. The Lord has confirmed this. It is critical to be using the correct Bible version. All Bible verses on these pages are from the KJV Bible. David W. Daniels at Chick Publications has some excellent information if you would like to learn more. Image credit to Al Cuppet.


In the era of Pan, were you spirited away by the magic kingdom and the wicked witchcraft and made to believe and love the lie of a Satanic space odyssey more than the truth? Now is the time to return to the one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Latest spiritual warfare prayers to pray for the world (Check back for updates) - Click for full list.
Please consider praying these prayers daily for current events and topics.


A Prayer for U.S. Supreme Court case Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission Dec. 5, 2017
Satan has been attacking the family since the fall of man. He would like to pervert God's plan for the family by making every form of perversion a legally protected status, and then he can in turn use political correctness to make Christianity a hate crime. Do you see his agenda? Satan would also like to strip the United States of its religious liberty so that Christianity is sidelined, when in fact, without Christianity, we would have no nation, and it will not stand for long if God is completely removed. The United States as founded is a stumbling block to Satan's New World Order and must be removed before he can advance his plans.

This is a critical case for the future of religious liberty. Cake artist Jack Phillips' case will be heard before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Dec. 5th. This precedent-setting case asks the question, “Does the First Amendment protect Jack’s artistic freedom, a principle the high court has long defended, or not?” This case is an example of the danger of government getting involved in ideology and punishing private citizens if they do not share and celebrate the same beliefs as the state.  Jack has taken a bold stand for his faith and for religious freedom of the United States, but that stand has not come without personal and professional consequences. His family has been in the cross-hairs of the LGBT community in Denver for 5 years, ever since Jack advised Charlie and David that he could not create a cake for their same-sex wedding. Masterpiece Cakeshop has lost 40% of their income since they can no longer create any wedding cakes, and they have had to let staff go. Will you consider committing to praying for this case daily until the verdict is delivered?

Father, as I enter prayer, please forgive my sins in Jesus' name. I thank you and praise you for the great freedoms that we enjoy in the United States of America. As these freedoms are under attack, I pray for the protection and preservation of the First Amendment, including the free exercise of religion, one of our country’s cornerstones. Please protect, guide, and strengthen Jack Phillips, his family, his employees, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and Kristen Waggoner as they prepare for the oral arguments before the Supreme Court. Please give attorney Kristen Waggoner the right words to say, and a mouth and wisdom which the enemy will not be able to gainsay or resist (Luke 21:15) as she defends religious freedom for Jack and all of us. Please give the nine justices not only listening ears, but receptive hearts as they seek to apply the law to this case. I ask that you would provide special protection and shield the body, soul, spirit, and especially the minds of the aforementioned from all attacks, voices, and attempts by the enemy to manipulate and control the situation. We break the power of every hex, vex, curse, spell, incantation, ritual, and other attempt of the enemy to gain power from Satan and the spirit world to attack on this day. I return them to the senders seven times seventy-fold and bind it to them with the blood of Jesus Christ. I plead the blood of Jesus over all in attendance. I pray that you will block every plot, plan, and scheme of Satan and his emissaries, agents, and instruments, human and spirit, pertaining to this case and everyone involved. I pray that every spirit of mind control, mind occult, and all occult spirits will be removed from the aforementioned. I pray that you would restore the souls of everyone involved, especially the members of the Supreme Court. Please bring back everything that has been taken from them, and remove anything in them that should not be there. In your sovereign power, we pray that you would send every evil spirit power within the aforementioned directly to the lake of fire. Please shield their minds from all interference by the enemy. I pray RCC-SWA-A over all involved. I pray that you would remit all sins committed by the aforementioned, and in the locations where they will be, back to Adam and Eve. I loose spirits of judgment, burning, destruction, blindness, deafness, dumbness, confusion, civil war, and fragmentation on every evil spirit power attempting to manipulate the outcome of this case.

We ask this in Jesus’ precious name, all according to your perfect will, and give you all the honor and glory. Amen.

Protecting President Trump and the United States
As I enter into prayer, Father, please forgive my sins in Jesus' name. Lord, according to your will, please remit all sins of President Trump, his family, his cabinet, all leaders of the United States, including the House of Representatives, the Senate, the judicial branch, and the Pentagon, the military, and those around them, and all sins in their environments, back to Adam and Eve.
I loose sufficient angels to rapidly, continuously clean up every Satanic witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in and around them. Also, to cut all lines of communication in the evil spirit realm around them, and to also block all lines of reinforcements, and all traveling routes in, around and through them and their property. Also, I loose your giant sperm whales to attack every spirit of witchcraft, witchcraft control, mind control, mind occult and all other occult and mind control spirits in and around them now in Jesus' name. Additionally, I loose sufficient amounts of spirits of blindness, deafness, dumbness, confusion, civil war, judgment, burning, and destruction to completely destroy every evil spirit power attacking them now.
I loose spirits of power, love, sound mind, faith truth, knowledge, wisdom, humility, peace, and joy, into them and their locations and I pray that you will fill them all with the Holy Spirit. I pray that the Holy Spirit will take total control of their mind, will, emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds. I pray that you will seal them and every living entity around them with the armor of God and the blood of Jesus so that no evil spirits can attack them. I pray that you will cover them and their environments with the blood of Jesus. I loose angels to bind every evil spirit power trying to attack them now in Jesus' name. I loose sufficient angels to go inside the aforementioned and cut and pull every evil spirit out of them continuously now. I do not know the appropriate heavenly creature to attack the evil spirits in each of them, but you do Lord, and I loose whatever part of your heavenly army will route the enemy and completely destroy the enemy in the mind, will, emotions, body, soul, and spirit of the people mentioned above.
In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I break the power of every evil ritual, spell, curse, hex, vex, incantation, chant, and psychic prayer sent to the aforementioned and return them to the senders seven times seventy fold and bind it to them with the blood of Jesus Christ. Lord, please sovereignly cut all ungodly soul ties between the aforementioned and evil people, entities, locations and all other things that bind them to darkness. I loose angels to remove every evil thing placed in their mind, will, emotions, body, soul and spirit by all enemies, and ask that all of the things that have been stolen from them be returned now. I ask that you will heal all damage done to them in the spirit realm by Satan and the dark kingdom, and bring them into perfect harmony, accord, and unity of spirit and knit them together so that your will may be done. Lord, we ask that you will remit all sins committed in the United States of America in the land and by the inhabitants, back to Adam and Eve, we are very sorry for them. Please blanket our country with your protections and blessings, the blood of Jesus, and mighty warrior angels. In Jesus' mighty name I pray. Amen.

Remember, there is a multiplication of power when we all come together and pray in one accord. Print and pray these prayers with as many Christians as possible. Everyone should read them together at the same time in unity. Please circulate these prayers to as many people as possible around the world. Please pray that the Lord would bring these prayers into the hands of the right people who will dedicate time to praying them daily.

Threats of War in North Korea
As I enter into prayer, Father, please forgive my sins in Jesus name. Lord, according to your will, I pray that you will remit all the sins of every evil ritual and deed that is powering evil spirits in North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran, of the residents, the land, and everyone who has ever lived there back to Adam and Eve. I loose sufficient angels to rapidly and continually bind every evil spirit power in North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China with unbreakable chains covered in the blood of Jesus. Also, to cut all lines of communication and to block all lines of reinforcements, and all traveling routes in the evil spirit realm, in around and through the leaders of these countries and their land and property. I loose angels to clean and close every satanic, witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in and around them now with the Blood of Jesus. I loose spirits of blindness, deafness, dumbness, confusion, civil war, judgment, burning, and destruction on them. In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all the evil spirits in North Korea to attack the evil spirits in Iran, and the evil spirits in Russia to attack in evil spirits in China in Jesus' name. Lord, I pray that you will fill the people and especially the leaders in these countries with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the spirit, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Download and share Latest Prayers as PDF   

Latest demonic cloud sightings (Check back for updates).
The point of these updates is twofold. First, for education of what the demonic cloud masses look like in satellite and ground views. Second, for targeted prayer. Please take some time to pray against these as they are updated. These are only a select few of the sightings on any given day.

Nov 1, 2017.
Texas Gulf Coast - World View
Atlantic US - World View
Texas, San Antonio - World View

Oct 26, 2017.
Texas Gulf Coast - World View, 2
Stretching across the US, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio - World View
Washington - World View
Idaho - World View
Italy, Mediterranean Sea - World View

Oct 25, 2017.
North Dakota, South Dakota - World View
France - World View
Spain and Bay of Biscay - World View

Oct 24, 2017.
California Coast - World View
Red Sea - World View
Black Sea - World View

October 23, 2017.
Pacific coast of Northern California - Demonic cloud masses seen off the coast of Northern California moving north from satellite and from the ground below on various webcams. Please pray. BBB BBB BBB Bind. As seen in Nasa World View.
Gulf of Mexico - some heavy activity in the Gulf of Mexico. View in Nasa World View.
Black Sea - north of Turkey, heavy concentration. View in Nasa World View.
Arabian Sea - off the east coast of India. View in Nasa World View.


Ministry Update for October 2017.
Many positive reports have come in confirming that the prayers on these pages have yielded successful results. If the chemtrails are less frequent in your area, do not forget to praise the Lord.

If you have no chemtrails in your area anymore, what do you do now? We must continue to pray against these entities aggressively. They are the source of much evil in this world and if we stop praying now because the local area looks better, then we may give them an opportunity to grow again in strength. Keep in mind that if the chemtrails are no longer in your area, it is possible that they have relocated to a more hospitable area (a location where there are no Christians praying).

Review the web cams and satellite images for the day. Take note of where the demonic entities are in the world. Take note of your state, and your nation. Where are the demonic entities entering your country? In the US, a frequent entry point is the West Coast, especially California. From here, the demons go across the country. Even though this part of the US has a natural boundary of the pacific ocean, in the spirit realm, there is no such boundary, and we must pray for God to create a mighty wall of angelic protection in this area daily. Think of praying spiritual borders around your country and state. The key is to pray against them before the arrive, not when they are already present in your location. You can do this through watching the satellite animations and learning to spot them in the satellite imagery.
A suggested sample prayer routine is suggested below.

Wake up in the morning.
Spend time praying each web cam, and the satellite images. Even if you see no demonic chemtrails or clouds in the webcams, pray BBB BBB BBB Bind for each camera at least once. This will ensure that God's angels are active and in the area each day. Then, if you see demonic chemtrails, clouds and hum, spend more time praying BBB BBB BBB Bind for each webcam image and satellite image.

Pray against any demons around the sun, even if there are no demonic clouds present. Use the sun grid method of loosing angels to attack any demons operating in and around the sun.

Before going to bed
Again review the web cams and satellite images for the day. Take note of where the demonic entities are in the world.
Spend time praying each web cam, and the satellite images. Even if you see no demonic chemtrails or clouds in the webcams, pray BBB BBB BBB Bind for each camera at least once. This will ensure that God's angels are active and in the area each day. Then, if you see demonic chemtrails, clouds and hum, spend more time praying BBB BBB BBB Bind for each webcam image and satellite image.

Pray against any demons around the sun, even if there are no demonic clouds present. Use the sun grid method of loosing angels to attack any demons operating in and around the sun.

If there are many demonic clouds headed your way, add additional prayer sessions to your schedule.


Pray daily to keep the demonic clouds out of your state and nation using satellite and webcam images.
Physical walls are necessary to keep out the bad guys. Spiritual walls are even more important. Pray an angelic wall of protection around your state and nation daily. Track and find where the demonic clouds are entering and pray against them. Pray specific, targeted, binding and loosing prayers day and night.


Chemtrails are Satanic Demonic Witchcraft,
Exposing the Satanic Cult that Runs the World
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Part 2 Understanding God's Creation
Part 3 The Big Picture
Part 4 Chemtrails Questions and Answers
Part 5 Chemtrails
Part 6 Demonic Clouds
Part 7 The Hum
Part 7.1 The Sun
Part 8 How to Defeat the Chemtrails
Part 9 Pray Without Ceasing, Shorthand Prayers
Part 10 Action Items
Part 11 Tips on Fighting Chemtrails
Part 11.1 Going On the Offensive
Part 11.2 Web Cams - California - World
Part 12 Soul Ties
Part 13 Demonic Stargate Portals
Part 14 Vectors of Demonic Attack
Part 15 Satanists
Part 16 Demonic Health Problems
Part 16.1 The Occult Heart Attack
Part 17 Secret Powers that Run the World
Part 18 Hiding the Truth
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The goal of this website is to communicate several important truths
1) Chemtrails are demonic.
2) The clouds they spray are also demonic.
3) The hum, heard worldwide, is demonic.
4) They are all related and interconnected.
5) They are part of a Satanic operation to control and ultimately destroy you.
6) Whether you believe this information or not, you and the people you love are currently and will be affected by it.
7) Prayer and song to Jesus Christ can completely stop them.
8) Will you be the one to stand in the gap in your area?

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
- Arthur Schopenhauer


Chemtrails are demons and can be defeated through prayer to Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ gave us the keys to the Kingdom and told us that what we bind on earth is bound in heaven, and what we loose on earth is loosed in heaven [1] . Praying against the demonic planes using spiritual warfare prayers, binding demons and loosing angels to attack as Christ instructed, causes them to lose the ability to maintain their tail (the long "chemtrail" spray billowing out behind the planes) as they fly. This truth has now been proven by different people on multiple occasions. You can prove it as well, this website will teach you how.

"And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name."
Luke 10:17


The image above is an example of successful spiritual warfare prayers and song against the demonic planes. These are the results that you can expect in the majority of cases. Our primary goal is achieved, to stop the demonic chemtrail "spray" completely. This has the effect of eliminating the demonic clouds from taking up residence in the sky. The weakened short-tail form of the demonic plane flies off in many cases, its mission unsuccessful. Sometimes they disappear completely.
"A more accurate name for the chemtrails would be demon trails, or demonic trails."   
There is a demonic component to the chemtrails. This is due to the fact that the spray and resulting clouds respond to binding and loosing prayers to Jesus Christ. The results of aggressive prayer are a clean and clear sky, the way things used to be about twenty years ago. It is possible that the plane illusion may be created by "Project Blue Beam," involving holograms.
Those responsible need an explanation to the average person as to why the spray appears. The plane illusion settles it in most people's minds, convincing them that these are normal planes. They go back to daily life, not knowing what is really going on. Younger generations may not even remember the beautiful blue sky that people enjoyed before these things started spraying the sky over a decade ago.
Why we pray without ceasing

"If every Christian would use their spiritual weapons, the keys of the Kingdom, to pray shorthand prayers without ceasing to bind the demons and loose God's angels to attack, the chemtrails would not be the problem they are today."
"The real enemy on earth is, and always has been, Satan, his demons, and the humans who allow themselves to be possessed by them. For a little power and wealth at the expense of much suffering and pain for the rest of humanity, they do their best to keep this knowledge hidden from the masses, taking as many people to hell with them as possible."  

Important things you need to know about Chemtrails (or, demons).
1) The chemtrail phenomenon is a Satanic operation. The chemtrails are not natural planes. A huge, shadowy network of covens and Satanic groups exists in this world. They are responsible for these actions. Humans in the dark kingdom take their orders from Satan and his demons.
2) Chemtrails are a type of demonic delivery system. The occult world is working hard every day to drop demons overhead in the form of demonic clouds. These entities are are summoned and sent by Satanists. They are not real planes, but likely some form of occult technology, delivering their payload of demons to your area in an attempt for complete takeover by the dark kingdom. The spray and resulting white clouds they emit are not natural condensation or a form of geo-engineering. They are demonic. Their goal is to get the demons into your body in order to control you.
3) The so called planes are, in reality, delivering demons. Some chemtrail planes have a huge amount of demons to transport and drop over our heads. The longer the tail of the chemtrail, the more demons are being distributed over our world. The demonic spray can be defeated through persistence in prayer as they fly across the sky if we learn shorthand prayers and how to pray without ceasing.
4) The spray and trails they lay down are demonic spirits that seem to gain power and energy from the sun.
5) Jesus Christ told us exactly how to deal with this through binding and loosing. You must bind the strongman, and then spoil his house. Fear not, "for the LORD made me have dominion over the mighty."

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Part 1 Chemtrails are Demonic
Part 2 Demonic Stargate Portals
Part 3 What Is the Hum?
Part 4 Vectors of Attack
Part 5 Satanists
Part 6 Demonic Health Problems
Part 7 How Can I Make a Difference?

The Occult Indoctrination of the World

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With the Lord's help these pages exist not for profit or gain, but as a ministry to God's people with ears to hear and eyes to see, so that they will not be ignorant of satan's devices, so they do not perish for lack of knowledge. All honor, power, and glory to Him who loves us. Jesus Christ is Lord.